Elfrida Andrée (1841−1929)

Fritiof Suite
[Suite for orchestra after the opera Fritiofs saga]

1. Prelude
2. Ingeborgs klagan
3. Rings Drapa
4. Fritiofs svärmeri
5. Fritiofs färd på havet

  • Year of composition: Suite composer in 1909 from the opera Fritiofs saga, 1898.
  • Work category: Orchestral works in several movements
  • Text author: Female choir in movement 5: Selma Lagerlöf after Esaias Tegnér's poem
  • Duration: 29 min


3*.3*.3.3 / / timp, perc, hp / str
picc, cor angl
perc: piatti

Solo voices/choir

Unison female choir, sopranos

  • Location autograph: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: The E. Andrée collection


Description of work

1. Prelude: Maestoso E-flat major 4/4 (C)
2. Ingeborgs klagan: Andantino G minor 2/4
3. Rings Drapa: Andantino maestoso C major 4/4 (C)
4. Fritiofs svärmeri: F major 4/4 (C)
5. Fritiofs färd på havet (with unison female choir ad. lib.): Allegro agitato D minor alla breve

Work comment




 Movement 5: Se, nu stormen flyr ...