Georg Alexander Heinrich Herman Callenberg (1744-1795)

Menuetto D-dur [Nr 1 ur Krönings Menuetti] [Minuet in D major (No. 1 from Coronation Minuets)]

  • Year of composition: 1772
  • Work category: Other chamber music with strings
  • First performed: Composed for the coronation of King Gustav III of Sweden and Queen Sofia Magdalena [Sophia Magdalena of Denmark] on 29 May, 1772
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min


Vn I+II, Basso

Examples of printed editions

Levande musikarv, Stockholm 2022. Källkritisk utgåva av Mårten Sundén i samarbete med Smålands Musikarkiv. [Swedish Musical Heritage, Stockholm, 2022. Critical edition by Mårten Sundén in collaboration with the Smålands Musikarkiv (the Musical Archive of Småland)]

  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: Manuscripts can be found at the Växjö stadsbibliotek [Växjö City Library], Kalmar Museum, Landsarkivet i Vadstena [the National Archives of Sweden, Vadstena branch], and at the Musik- och teaterbiblioteket, Stockholm

Description of work

Menuetto [Minuet] D major 3/4 - Trio G major 3/4 - Menuetto [Minuet] D.C.


Listen to the minuets here. Recording on the Musik i Syd channel.