John Fernström (1897−1961)


opus 25 a

  • Year of composition: 1931, according to data revised in 1940
  • Work category: Opera
  • Text author: Marinus Børup
  • First performed: Never performed
  • Duration: Approx. 120-180 min


According to Svensk Musik: 2.2*.2*.2 / / timp, 1 perc, hp / str
Score at Lund's University Library: 2*.2.2*.2 / / timp*, pno / str
(picc, bass clar, perc)

Solo voices/choir

1 soprano (Nefertiti), 1 mezzo-soprano (Para), 5 tenors (Echnaton, Meryra, A servant, One of the faithful, A courtier), 1 baritone (Mahu), 2 basses (Horemheb, Amon's high priest)

Mixed choir, S.A.T.B, female choir, S.A (slaves), male choir (knights)

  • Location autograph: Lunds Universitetsbibliotek

Description of work

Two versions of the work exist.
One, with the title Achnaton, in piano vocal score with text in Danish, exists at Svensk Musik, the other, with the title Echnaton in score with text in Swedish, exists at Lund University Library. They differ quite drastically. The following is based on the version in Lund:

Overture: Overture Molto vivo A major 4/4

Act I
Outside the temple, in the middle of the 1300s B.C, Echnaton, Nefertiti, Meryra, Para, Mahu, Amon's high priest, mixed choir, female choir

Act II
In the garden of the Pharaoh. Nefertiti, Echnaton, A servant, Horemheb, Amon's high priest, Meryra, Para, female choir

Place not specified. Horemheb, Amon's high priest, Para, Echnaton, Nefertiti, One of the faithful, A courtier, mixed choir