Jacopo Foroni (1825−1858)

Ouverture N.o 3 in La maggiore
Konsertuvertyr nr 3 A-dur [Concert Overture no. 2 in A major]


Andante — Molto vivace il più leggero possible

  • Year of composition: 1850 or 1851
  • Work category: Orchestral works in one movement
  • Dedication: Ad Ottonè Lindblad
  • Duration: 8 min

Instrumentation / / timp / str
[the tuba part is actually for the ophicleide]

Examples of printed editions

Ricordi, 22659, 1890s?

Description of work

Andante A major 4/4 (C) 16 bars, Molto vivace il più leggero possible alla breve [albeit noted in 4/4 (C)] 277 bars, in total 293 bars

Work comment

Published as N. 3 in La maggiore of the Tre ouvertures per grande orchestra.

This overture is based on [two] Swedish themes: 'N.B. Questa Ouverture scritta in occassione d'un divertissement national a Stockholm, si aggira sopra due temi nazionali.'