Christian Geist (ca 1650−1711)

Laudet Deum Mea Gloria. Motett för två sopraner, bas, två violiner, viola da gamba och orgel [Motet for two sopranos, bass, two violins, viola da gamba, and organ]


[I] Coro
[II] Duett (soprano I+II)
[III] Solo (soprano I)
[IV] Solo (soprano II)
[V] Coro
[VI] Coro

  • Year of composition: Stockholm, Februari 1675 (according to the printed music)
  • Work category: Voices and other instruments
  • Duration: Approx. 10-15 min


2 vn, viola da gamba, cont (org)

Solo voices/choir


Examples of printed editions

Carl Gehrmans Musikförlag, C. G. 4793, MCMLIII [copyright 1953]

  • Location autograph: Uppsala Universitetsbibliotek
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: Vokalmusik i handskrift 26:2 (stämmor) [Vocal music in manuscript 26:2 (parts)] and Vokalmusik i handskrift 84:41 (orgeltabulatur) [Vocal music in manuscript 84:41 (organ tablature)]

Description of work

[I: Coro] Allegro A minor alla breve
[II: Duet] Adagio A minor 4/4 (C) (soprano I+II)
[III: Solo] Presto - adagio - presto C major - A minor 3/2 (soprano I)
[IV: Solo] Allegro C major - A minor alla breve (soprano II)
[V: Coro] Adagio C major - A major 3/2
[VI: Coro] Allegro A minor (- A major) alla breve

Work comment

According to Bo Lundgren's text in Gehrman's edition, this work is set for a three-part choir and a likewise three-part instrumental ensemble. From the viola da gamba part material, it is clear that it was added at a later date and as it bears the heading "Viola da gamga al piacere", it is possible to exclude this part. The continuo part, intended to be performed on the organ, albeit it has not been indicated in the template, has been worked out in accordance with the figured bass part by Søren Sørensen.


[I] Coro: Laudet Deum mea gloria / Min själ må prisa Herren (Kör)

[II] Duet: Ah, laudare dum desidero / Ack, då jag önskar prisa (sopran I+II)

[III] Solo: Quem non cœli, quem non terræ / Honom, som icke himlen, icke jorden (sopran I)

[IV] Solo: Sed mei tamen Jesuli / Men min Jesu, min brudgums (sopran II)

[V] Coro: Sit gratiarum actio / Tack ske honom (Kör)

[VI] Coro: Laudet Deum mea gloria / Min själ må prisa Herren (Kör)