Christian Geist (ca 1650−1711)

Die mit Tränen säen

  • Year of composition: 1673
  • Work category: Mixed choir and instruments
  • Text author: The Book of Psalms 126:5-6 (Old Testament), the Book of Wisdom 3:1 (one of the Deuterocanonical books of the Old Testament), 5 stanzas possibly written by the composer’s brother, Samuel Geist.
  • First performed: Spring 1673, in the Riddarholmen Church, Stockholm
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min


viola da gamba I, II, III / cont

Solo voices/choir


Description of work

[1.] Motetto: (no tempo marking) C minor 4/4 (C)
[2.] Sinfonia: (no tempo marking) C minor 4/4 (C)
[3.] Ritornello: (no tempo marking) C minor 4/4 (C)

Work comment

This work was composed for the funeral of Carl Gustaf Wrangel's wife Anna Margareta von Haugwitz, who passed away on 20 March, 1673.


[1.] Motetto
Die mit Tränen säen

[2.] Sinfonia
So gehe nur aufhin mit lebendiger

[3.] Ritornello
Du hasst auf Erden viel der Tränen ausgestreuet