Ulf Grahn (1942-)

String quartet no 2

  • Year of composition: 1979
  • Work category: String quartet
  • Dedication: To National Symphony String Quartet
  • First performed: Commissioned by The National Symphony String quartet / Miron Koijan
    Premiered Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington , D.C. November 16, 1979 National Symphony String quartet Miron Kijan , Virginia Harpham violin; Richard Parnas, viola; John Martin, cello
  • Duration: 13 min


violin, violin, viola, cello

Location for score and part material


Description of work

A string Quartet in one movement in a sort of aba form. it's traditional notated as aposed to no 1 (1969) which is more of a graphic score which specific rules for the interpretation



Work comment

This was a commission from the Nationa Symphony String Quartet through their primarie Miron Kojan.

I started one which I then abandend since it didn't mach the idea in my head. The vision for the piece came as a reflection of a boat trip from Kavalla to Tasos in Northern Greece. The trip was in complite fogno land could be seen in any direction.

Reminded me about Odysseus when he left Troy and entered the thick mist just in this area of the Aegean See. Started a new with few weeks left before the deadline. It starts slow mysterious and develops inte clear presens to later return into the mist /fog.