Ulf Grahn (1942-)

Soundscape VI: The stillness in the Silence


one movement

  • Year of composition: 2012
  • Work category: Voices and ensemble
  • First performed: Date
    Hannover, Galerie Robert Drees
    Julia Mihály & Karin Pawolka(S), Daniel Schröder & Sebastian Wendt(cl)
  • Duration: 12 min
  • Detailed duration: 12 minutes ca


f 2Sopr (also perc), b-cl/perc, cb-cl/perc

Location for score and part material

Svensk Musik

Description of work

It's the Sixth work in the Soundscape series. The performers are spread out in the performance space the distance my vary depending on acoustics etc



Work comment

This work was written for the Ensemble Du Silence with guests Julia Mihály,Karin Pawolka, Soranos Daniel Schröder.Sebastian Wendt for the performance in Hannover October 2012. It is one of several works using antifonal ideas were the musicians are spread out in the performance space. The sopranos parts are vocalize no text. All four of the performers have to play on small percussion instruments.