Ulf Grahn (1942-)

Silence behind the Veil for two percussionists

  • Work category: Percussion ensemble
  • First performed: November 16, 2007, 8:00 pm. New Music Festival, Concert 5. The Queens College Percussion Ensemble
  • Duration: 10 min


Player 1
1 Tambour de Basque
5 Temple Blocks
3 Suspended Cymbles (high medium low) 1 talking Drum
3 Tom Tom
2 Gongs
Player 2
1 Tambour de Basque 2 Bongos
2 Timbale
1 Talking Drum
3 Triangolos (high medium low) 5 Cow Bells
1 Tam Tam

Description of work

Ett stycke för två slagverkare sittande på golvet med en skärm mellan dem samt ett svagt blått ljus på de två musikerna.



Work comment

The two players should be set up on each side of the Stadge facing each other.
The Dynamic should stay within the pp range unless other is indicated.
Sticks should be two tone or one that will give the best sound.
It should be a soft spoken, whispering dialog between the two players.
The Tempo should not be any faster than an eight equal 60