Andreas Hallén (1846−1925)

Quartet for piano, violin, viola and violoncello

opus 3

  • Year of composition: 1869-1870 in Munich and Dresden (according to the printed score)
  • Work category: Piano quartet
  • Dedication: To Karl Silverstolpe (according to the printed score)
  • Duration: Approx. 20-25 min
  • Detailed duration: Uncertain

Examples of printed editions

Elkan & Schildknecht, Emil Carelius, E.C. 118
The work will also be published within the project Swedish Musical Heritage.

Description of work

[I.] Andante maestoso - Allegro appassionato - Presto D minor 4/4 (C) - alla breve
[II.] Lento A minor 6/8
[III.] Allegro vivace - Presto D major - B-flat minor - G major - A minor - D minor - D major 3/4