Andreas Hallén (1846−1925)

Three Duets for High Soprano and Mezzo-Soprano (or for Tenor and Baritone). [3.] Volkslied / Folkvisa

opus 27

  • Year of composition: Ca 1880-1890 (year of composition uncertain; according to the Svenskt Biografiskt Lexikon Lindgren had translated Hallén's opera 'Harald Viking' in 1884)
  • Work category: Voices and piano
  • Text author: [likely originally a Russian folk song translated to German by Friedrich Martin von Bodenstedt; this is not clear from the printed music]
  • Dedication: 'To Adolf Lindgren' (according to the printed music)
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min

Examples of printed editions

Abr. Hirschs Förlag, Ed. no. 1911

Description of work

Allegretto - Andante - Allegretto F major 3/4

Work comment

The collection includes:
[1.] Zwiegesang / Vexelsång
[2.] Der Engel / Engeln
[3.] Volkslied / Folkvisa 



Mägdlein auf die Wiese gingen,
Blumen an zu pflücken fingen /
Flickor små på ängen gröna
gingo ut i aftonstunden