Hinrich Philip Johnsen (1717−1779)

Concerto (för cembalo och stråkar [D-dur; Allegro - Andante - Allegro assai] NorJ A4 [Concerto (for harpsichord and strings; D major; Allegro - Andante - Allegro assai) NorJ A4]

NorJ A4


[Movement no.] 1 Allegro
[Movement no.] 2 Andante
[Movement no.] 3 Allegro assai

  • Year of composition: Year of composition uncertain
  • Work category: Soloist and ensemble
  • Duration: Approx. 15-20 min


cemb / str [vn I+II, vc]

Examples of printed editions

Levande Musikarv/Swedish Musical Heritage, Stockholm 2021. Critical edition by Andreas Edlund

Location for score and part material

Parts material in autograph can be found at the Musik- och teaterbiblioteket (Alströmersamlingen [the Alströmer collection], 159:2) and Uppsala University Library

Description of work

[Movement no.] 1 Allegro D major 4/4 (C)
[Movement no.] 2 Andante D major 2/4
[Movement no.] 3 Allegro assai D major 12/8

Media files

Edition Swedish Musical Heritage