Adolf Fredrik Lindblad (1801−1878)

Kvartett N:o 7 [A-dur, tryckt som N:o 6, ofullbordad] i arrangemang för piano fyra händer [Quartet no. 7 in A major (printed as no. 6, unfinished) in an arrangement for piano four hands]


1. Allegro vivace.
2. Andante grazioso.
3. Menuetto: Allegro — Trio: Più lento grazioso — Menuetto D.C.

  • Year of composition: Year of composition uncertain
  • Work category: Piano 4 hands
  • Duration: Approx. 15-20 min

Location for score and part material

Musik- och teaterbiblioteket

  • Location autograph: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: Autographs


Wallner, Bo: "Den svenska stråkkvartetten I: Klassicism och romantik" Kungl. Musikaliska Akademiens skriftserie nr. 24, Stockholm 1979, s. 47-49 (?), 49-51 (om Lindblads kvartetter och annan kammarmusik: s. 43-51) [Wallner, Bo: 'The Swedish string quartet. In: Classicism and romance'. No. 24 of the publication series of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, Stockholm (1979), pp. 47-49 (?), 49-51 (on the Quartets and other chamber music by Adolf Fredrik Lindblad, pp. 43-51)]

Description of work

1. Allegro vivace A major 4/4 (C), C major - A major - F major - A major
2. Andante grazioso F major - A major - F major
3. Menuetto: Allegro A major 3/4 - C major - A major; Trio: Più lento grazioso D major 3/8; Menuetto D.C.

Work comment

What is confusing, is the fact that Wallner refers to the String quartet in E-flat major as no. 6, albeit it being printed as no. 5, and the 'unfinished' string quartet in A major as no. 7, albeit printed as no. 6, wheras the section of the quartet in A major 'no. 7' cited on p. 48 cannot be found in the printed no. 6! "Sometimes even good Homer nods off"?

However, now I have the explanation: Quartet no. 5 in F major was never printed, so, Quartets nos. 6 and 7 were printed as no. 5 and 6, respectively! The Quartet in F major exists in manuscript, only!

Klas Gagge