Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (1867−1942)

Idrottssång [Athletics song]

  • Year of composition: Words and music, Frösön 14 Feb. 1936 (according to the autograph)
  • Work category: Male choir a cappella
  • Text author: Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min

Solo voices/choir


Examples of printed editions

The daily newspaper NDA/Nya Dagligt Allehanda 21.2.1937 [21st February, 1937] (facsimile)

  • Location autograph: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: Z/Sv This piece exists in two versions, one of which with handwritten lyrics, the other with typed lyrics, inscribed "Signatur: 'Vandraren' W. P.-B. 14.2.36" [Signature: 'The Wanderer' W. P.-B. 14 February, 1936].
    At the Musik- och teaterbiblioteket there is also another autograph with handwritten lyrics, which is included in the hardcover edition of the collection "Peterson-Berger. Körkompositioner. II Manskvartetter" [Peterson-Berger. Compositions for choir. II Male quartets]


Karlsson, Henrik: Wilhelm Peterson-Berger. Verkförteckning [List of works] (2004) [available at the Musik- och teaterbiblioteket]

Description of work

Jauntily G major 4/4 (C)

Work comment

There is an additional note in the autograph with typed lyrics:
N.B. Provided that the tenors' voices allow it, this song could be transposed up to A-flat or A major. If unison song: the tenor I part could be transposed down to E or E-flat major.


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