Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (1867−1942)

Dalslands hembygdssång [Song of/from the province of Dalsland]

  • Year of composition: Stockholm 22 February [1916; the year is indicated in pencil on the autograph relating to the setting for male quartet a cappella]
  • Work category: Mixed choir a cappella
  • Text author: Tor Arne
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min

Solo voices/choir


Examples of printed editions

Wilh. Peterson-Berger Stiftelsen (included in Peterson-Berger Körkomp., I Blandad kör [Peterson-Berger Choral compositions, I Mixed choir])

  • Location autograph: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: The autograph of the setting for male choir a cappella is included in the collection "Peterson-Berger. Körkompositioner. II Manskvartett [Compositions for choir. II Male quartet]"


Karlsson, Henrik: Wilhelm Peterson-Berger. Verkförteckning [List of works] (2004) [available at the Musik- och teaterbiblioteket]

Description of work

Warm, not too slow D major 4/4 (C)


1. Dalsland! Du mitt barndomseden, minnesrika sagoland!
2. Dalsland! Tack för allt Du gav mig
3. Dalsland! Om mig fjärran vinkar