• Year of composition: 1956/1963
  • Work category: Opera
  • Text author: Bertil Malmberg after Gogol's novel
  • First performed: 22 March 1956 (according to Svensk Musik and Swedish media database) Sveriges Radio, K Dellert, A Näslund, O Sivall, S-E Vikström, A Tyrén, A Wirén, Radio Choir, Radio Orchestra conducted by Hilding Rosenberg.
  • Arrangement/revision: Paula af Malmborg Ward 1997 for the TV version
  • Duration: 90 min


1*.1*.2.1 / / timp, perc, pno / str
(picc, cor angl)

Solo voices/choir

According to the list of characters in the piano vocal score: 3 sopranos (Sonja, Versjinska, A woman), 1 mezzo-soprano (A woman), 1 alto (Louise), 5 tenors (Nikita, The art merchant, The Host, The first Guest, The fourth guest) 1 tenor-baritone (A man), 3 baritones (Tjartkov, A farmer boy, The second guest), 3 basses (The Portrait, The police man, The third guest) 2 spoken parts (Potemkin, A janitor), solo voices
Mixed choir, S. A. T. B.

Location for score and part material

Svensk Musik (both versions)

Description of work

The following regards the original version:
Act I
Prelude: Andante 5/4, attacca
Scene 1: The bazaar, winter. The art merchant, A farmers boy, An old woman, A man, Tjartkov, Nikita, choir, attacca
Scene 2: Tjartkov's studio. Nikita, Tjartkov, attacca
Scene 3: A little later. Tjartkov, The portrait, attacca
Scene 4: Morgon. Tjartkov, Nikita, The host, The police man.
Scene 5: Artists' cafe. Four artists, Tjartkov, choir, attacca
Scene 6: Same stage image. Sonja, Tjartkov, First and third artist
Scene 7: Same stage image. Male choir, attacca
Interlude: The portrait, attacca
Scene 8: A strate. Tjartkov, Sonja, attacca
Scene 9: Tjartkov's studio. Versjinska, Tjartkov, Louise (alto)
Scene 10: Soiree at the dutchess Versjinska. The duke, Versjinska, 3 voices, Tjartkov, choir.
Scene 11: A state room in diabolic masquerade decor. Nikita, Tjartkov, Sonja, choir.

Act II
Scene 13 [sic!]: An highly fashionable restaurant vestibule. The young man. The companioness (alto), Tjartkov, Potemkin
Scene 14: An exhibition hall. Tjartkov, Potemkin, Sonja, The janitor, Baritone from the audience
Scene 15: Tjarkov's bedroom. Tjartkov, The portrait
Scene 16: An elegant art trade. The art merchant (Baritone), The customer (Tenor), Sonja
Scene 17: Tjartkov's ransacked bedroom. Nikita, Tjartkov, The portrait, Sonja, choir