Hilding Rosenberg (1892-1985)

Hus med dubbel ingång, Lyrical comedy in two acts

  • Year of composition: 1969
  • Work category: Opera
  • Text author: Pedro Calderon in translation by Hjalmar Gullberg and Ivar Harrie
  • First performed: 24 May 1970, the Royal Opera, E. Söderström, K. Meyer, G. Slättegård, I. Käll, S-O Eliasson, E. Saedén, R. Jupither, the Royal Court Orchestra conducted by Stig Westerberg
  • Duration: 150 min


timp, perc (uncertain how many), hp, cel, mand (several), guit (several) / str:

Solo voices/choir

1 colorature soprano (Celia), 2 sopranos (Laura, Silvia), 1 mezzo-soprano (Marcela), 2 tenors (Lisardo, Herrera), 1 light baritone (Lelio), 1 baritone (Don Felix), 1 bass-baritone (Kalebass), 1 bass (Fabio)
Male choir: T.B.B. (servants)

Location for score and part material

Svensk Musik

Description of work

Act I
[Prelude] Allegro giocoso 4/4, attacca
Scene 1: The edge of the city. Towards the dawn. Silvia, Marcela, Lisardo, Kalebass
Scene 2: During the journey home to Don Felix' house. Lisardo, Kalebass, attacca
Scene 3: The hall in Don Felix' house. Don Felix, Lisardo, Herrera, Kalebass, Silvia, Marcela, Celia
Scene 4: Patio in Laura's house. Laura, Fabio, Celia, Don Felix
Scene 5: Same stage image. Laura, Marcela, Celia, Silvia, Lisardo, Fabio, Herrera, Don Felix
Act II
Scene 1: Room in Don Felix' house a few hours later. Kalebass, Lisardo, Marcela, (Silvia), Don Felix, Laura
Scene 2: Marcela's room in Don Felix' house. Silvia, Marcela, Don Felix, Laura, Celia
Scene 3: Lisardo's room in Don Felix' house. Lisardo, Kalebass, Silvia, Don Felix
Scene 4. Country road outside of Ocanja. Lelio, Fabio
Scene 5: Street in Ocanja, night time. Don Felix, Lisardo, Kalebass, Laura
Scene 6: Outside the back door of Fabio's house. Celia, Lisardo, Don Felix, Kalebass, Fabio, Marcela, male choir
Finale: Hall in Don Felix' house. Don Felix, Herrera, Laura, Silvia, Marcela, Lisardo, Fabio, Kalebass, Celia, Lelio, male choir