August Säfström (1813-1888)

Fiskarstugan [The fisherman's cottage]

  • Year of composition: Probably 1843
  • Work category: Operetta / Comic opera
  • Text author: August Säfström
  • First performed: 4 January, 1844, the Kungliga teatern [Royal Theatre], Stockholm
  • Arrangement/revision: Orchestrated by Andreas Randel (1806-1864), who also composed the overture
  • Duration: Approx. 30-40 min
  • Detailed duration: One act, of which the music takes approx. 30-40 minutes


2*.2.2.2 / / timp / str

Solo voices/choir

Solo voices: 1 mezzo-soprano (Clara), 2 tenors (Leonard, Pelle), 2 baritones (Olof, Översten)
Mixed choir: S.A.T.B.

Location for score and part material

Parts material of the same period can be found at the Musik- och teaterbiblioteket

  • Location autograph: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket

Description of work

Overture. Composed by Andreas Randel. See separate post under Randel.
1. Aria: Olof. Andante sostenuto E-flat major 4/4 (C)
2. Barcarol [Barcarolle]: Leonard. Allegretto con tranquilezza F major 6/8, Più animato
3. Duett [Duet]: Leonard, Olof. Andantino espre-flativo A minor 6/8, Allegro ma non troppo C major 4/4 (C)
4. Kupletten [The cuplé]: Olof. Andante con moto E-flat major 3/4
5. Gammal folkvisa [Old folk song]. Clara. Andante quasi allegretto A minor 2/4. According to an annotation in one of the scores and in the parts material, this piece should be performed in G minor.
6. Aria. Clara. Andantino espre-flativo D major 3/4, Allegro moderato D major 4/4 (C)
7. Duo [Duet]. Clara, Olof. Allegro agitato (no key signature) 4/4 (C), Recitative, Allegro moderato, Moderato E major, Più allegro, Tempo di moderato, Allegro 6/8
8. Folkvisa, Recitatif & Romance [Folk song, recitative and romance]: Leonard. Andante quasi allegretto A minor 2/4, Allegro risoluto alla breve, Allegro moderato D minor 4/4 (C), Andantino grazioso D minor 4/4 (C)
9. Kupletter [Cuplés]. Pelle. Allegretto vivace G minor 3/8
10. Quatuor [Quartet]. Clara, Leonard, Pelle, Olof. Allegro B-flat major 4/4 (C), Andante 3/4
11. Finale, Fiskar-Chör [Chorus of fishermen]: Öfversten [The Colonel], Olof, Kör [Choir]. Allegro vivace C major 6/8, Allegro moderato, 4/4 (C), Più lento, Allegro alla breve