Patric Simmerud (1963-)


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Patric Simmerud. Born on the 13th of October 1963 in Stockholm. Composer and sound artist.


Thunell, Helena: "Tiden går inte längre. Interview with Patric Simmerud", Nutida Musik, nr 258/2016, s. 32-37.

Summary list of works

Selected works:
(Fluctuations, Villes englouties), Wind orchestra (AN), Chamber ensembles (de-housing, Frameworks, Pärlor från Svin, Requiem, Soon - Kilroy go home, To remember the still unseen days, Hokahey, WIP), Chamber ensembles with electronics (Kaiso, Wo, Soli, Transients formants and gestures, Vassala, VoopChoir (De ljudlösa, Veni vidi vici), Electroacoustic (Tiden går inte längre, Wish tree), Chamber opera (Absence).