Emil Sjögren (1853-1918)

Prélude pathétique et Intermezzo

opus 33

  • Year of composition: 1901 (according to Svenskt Biografiskt Lexikon)
  • Work category: Piano
  • Dedication: 'À Melle Lucie Hillier' (according to score print)
  • Duration: Approx. 5-10 min
  • Detailed duration: 5'32 (according to Bluebell Records' CD edition)

Examples of printed editions

Abr. Lundquists Kong. Hof-Musikhandel, Georg Abr.son Lundquists Förlag, Abr. L. 3372 (book includes opus 33, which is not clear from the score print: Marche nuptiale / Bröllopsmarsch [Wedding March], Prélude pathétique et Intermezzo, Prélude funèbre / Sorgmarsch [Funeral March])

Description of work

Non troppo Allegro E minor - E major - E minor 4/4 (C) - 3/4 - 4/4 (C)