Emil Sjögren (1853-1918)

Bilder och Utkast för Piano. 2dra Häftet (Nr 5-9). Nr 9. Porträtt af Donnie, min lilla hund [Images and Drafts for Piano. Book 2 (Nos. 5−9). No. 9. Portrait of Donnie, my little dog]

  • Year of composition: 1898 [sic] (according to score print; remaining pieces in this book were written in the 1880s)
  • Work category: Piano
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min
  • Detailed duration: 1'37 (according to Bluebell Records' CD edition)

Examples of printed editions

Abr. Lundquists Kongl. Hof-Musikhandel, Abr. L. 3308; book includes:
No. (5) 1. Elegie
No. (6) 2. Rêverie
No. (7) 3. Conversation de bal
No. (8) 4. När sol går ned
No. (9) 5. Porträtt af Donnie, min lilla hund

Description of work

Allegretto grazioso C major 2/4