Emil Sjögren (1853-1918)

Preludium och Fuga No. 3 C dur [Prelude and Fugue no. 3 in C major]

opus posth

  • Year of composition: Manuscript 1908?-14; Completed and furnished with registration indications by Otto Olsson (according to the printed music; referring to the last 15 bars of the fugue)
  • Work category: Organ
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min

Examples of printed editions

Wilhelm Hansen, Musik-Forlag, Ed. no. 17202

Description of work

Prélude: Allegro maestoso C major alla breve
[Fugue:] Allegro moderato C major 4/4 (C) - 2/4 - 4/4 (C) - 2/4 - 4/4 (C)