August Söderman (1832−1876)

Der schwarze Ritter. Ballade von Uhland [The Black Knight]

  • Year of composition: Stockholm 5 March 1874 (according to Monumenta Musicae Svecicae: 11)
  • Work category: Voice and piano
  • Text author: Uhland [referring to Ludwig Uhland (1787-1862)]
  • Arrangement/revision: The piano reduction was adapted by Emil Sjögren (according to Jeanson, 1926)
  • Duration: Approx. 10-15 min

Examples of printed editions

Monumenta Musicae Svecicae: 11, Edition Reimers AB, ER 40110
Huss & Beer, Stockholm, Ed. no. 320


Jeanson, Gunnar: August Söderman. En svensk tondiktares liv och verk, 1926

Description of work

Ziemlich langsam E major 3/4


Pfingsten war, das Fest der Freude

Media files

Edition Swedish Musical Heritage