• Year of composition: 1902-1910 (see below)
  • Work category: Mixed choir a cappella
  • Text author: Nordic 'daytime hymn' from the Middle Ages/J O Wallin (according to the printed music)
  • Arrangement/revision: Music: folk chorale from Mora (Dalecarlia); Chorale setting: Wilhelm Stenhammar (according to the printed music)
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min

Solo voices/choir


Examples of printed editions

SK-Gehrmans Musikförlag, SKG 10199 (copyright 2001)


Bo Wallner: Wilhelm Stenhammar och hans tid (1901)
Ingvor Stagling: Wilhelm Stenhammar och Den signade dag. Från uppteckning till rapsodi (paper in musicology, Uppsala University [2001])

Description of work

(no time signature) A minor (- E major) 3/4

Work comment

According to the printed music, Wilhelm Stenhammar wrote down this folk chorale on a visit with Anders Zorn in Mora during christmas 1902. The chorale setting was made a few years later.

This chorale is also included in Stenhammar's rhapsodie Midvinter [Midwinter].

Along with a chorale setting of Psalm 39, verses 5 and 6 from the Book of Psalms, the Old Testament, ("Herre, lär mig dock" ["Lord, make me to know", i.e., verses 4 and 5 in King James Version], SK-Gehrmans Musikförlag SKG 10198), these two chorales constitute Stenhammar's whole production of sacred works.


[1.] Den signade dag, som vi nu här se

[2.] Om än varje träd och gräs på vår mark

[3.] Men såsom en fågel mot himmelens höjd