• Year of composition: 2007
  • Work category: 6 Instruments
  • First performed: 21st May, 2007 at the Teatro dell’Elfo, Milan. Sentieri selvaggi conducted by Carlo Boccadoro
  • Duration: 9 min


picc, bass clar, vibraphone, pno, vn, vc

Location for score and part material

BabelScores, Paris 2016

Description of work

One-movement work

Work comment

When I was asked to write a piece for the Italian ensemble Sentieri selvaggi, I was told that it would be premiered at a concert having as its theme "the right to dissent"; as a part of their concert season dedicated to "social and political rights". My piece would have to somehow fit into that theme. Deeming it impossible to write a piece about as abstract a concept as that of the right to something, I decided instead to portray the actual concept of dissent. This was done by dividing the ensemble into two halves, one playing only in the high register, and the other only in the low register. These two groups are pitted against each other in an antagonistic and confrontational manner.