Fabian Svensson (1980-)

I samexistens [In coexistence]

  • Year of composition: 2010
  • Work category: Chamber ensemble (7 or more instruments)
  • First performed: 10 December, 2010 at Fylkingen - New Music and Intermedia Art, Stockholm. Stockholms Saxofonkvartett [The Stockholm Saxophone Quartet] and the Ensemble KROCK
  • Duration: 30 min


s-sax, a-sax, t-sax, bar-sax, 4 electric guitars

Description of work

One-movement work

Work comment

A sounding sequence of continuous repetitions, yet constantly moving forward. A 30-minute flow, which begins with hammering, sharp, relentlessly repeated chords, and ends in wild, unfiltered Dionysian frenzy. Music which is crudely physical and impatiently driving; fundamentally motor, but with crackly gravel continuously thrown into the rhythmical machinery. Constant high energy level. Contrasting musical elements and ideas arranged in an extremely strictly chiselled structure, rigorously controlled by mathematical proportional relationships.

Four electric guitars. Four saxophones. Side by side on equal terms. In coexistence.