Ivar Widéen (1871-1951)

Florez och Blanzeflor (Ur "Legender och Visor") [Floris and Blanchefour (from 'Legends and Songs']

  • Year of composition: Composed in 1905, completet in 1925
  • Work category: Mixed choir with solo voice(s) and instrument
  • Text author: Oscar Levertin (1862-1906)
  • Duration: 5 min
  • Detailed duration: approx. duration


String orchestra or piano.
(The arrangement for string orchestra is by Ivar Hellman)

Solo voices/choir

One unspecified solo part in G-clef
Mixed choir: S.A.T.B.

Examples of printed editions

Piano reduction and choir score, Sverigens Körförbund/Gehrmans, Stockholm (no year indicated)


Harald Widéen: Tonsättaren Ivar Widéens tryckta arbeten och efterlämnade otryckta manuskript (eget förlag, Skara 1963)

Description of work

Andante D major alla breve

Work comment

This piece also exists in a version for male choir


När aftonrodnan sin rosenkorg tömde i den flyende dagens spår