Ferdinand Zellbell d.y. (1719−1780)

Sinfonia d-moll (Nr 3) [Sinfonia in D minor (No. 3)]


I. Largo
II. Allegretto
III. Presto

  • Year of composition: Year of composition uncertain (see below)
  • Work category: Symphony
  • Duration: Approx. 5-10 min


cont / str

Location for score and part material

Score and parts can be found in the collections of the Musik- och teaterbiblioteket

Description of work

I. Largo D minor alla breve
II. Allegretto D minor 2/4
III. Presto - Andante - Presto D minor 12/8

Work comment

According to the Sohlmans Musiklexikon (a Swedish dictionary of music and musicians), vol. 5, 1979, Zellbell was appointed Hofkapellmeister in 1750, and two of his Sinfonias are included in his opera "Il giudizio d'Aminta", composed in 1758