Ájtte, Svenskt fjäll- och samemuseum



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Tel: +46 (0)971-17070
Address: Box 116, 962 23 Jokkmokk, Sweden

Ájtte, Svenskt fjäll- och samemuseum [the Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum] is an archive, library and museum that holds, among other things, Sami joik/yoik and traditional archival documents, books and museum objects.

Ájtte's archive includes a collection of audio recordings of various kinds, from wire recordings and magnetised paper tapes from the early 1950s up to DAT tapes from the 1990s. For several years, the Ájtte Museum has worked to make available and preserve yoiks that are scattered in various archives in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Via the national library database, Libris, it is possible to search among 5,000 joiks/yoiks in Norway and Sweden. Many of the joiks/yoiks from the Northern, Lule and Southern Sami areas are digitised and available in the museum's library.

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The Nordiskt jojkarkiv, embedded in Libris, includes references to the joik/yoik recordings that are in Swedish and Norwegian archival collections, but you can not listen to the recordings over the web.


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