Arkiv Gävleborg



Tel: +46 (0) 26-10 88 70
Address: Fältskärsleden 10, 802 80 Gävle, Sweden

A regional archive for associations and businesses with a specific archive for associations active in choral singing, music and dance in Gävleborg.

Arkiv Gävleborg has archives from the entire private sector - associations, companies, villages, farms and more. There are also archival collections mainly from traditional popular movements. The collections contain archives from a number of choirs, music and dance associations - not only folk music or folk dance. Sheet music and songbooks, occasional audio recordings can also be found. The archive also has a reference library.

Web Resources

There is a database on the website where it is possible to search for founders of archives:

To access the archives, you can visit the archive's research room and/or contact the archive for further information.

Geographic Provenances

Southern Norrland

Types of Archival Material

Printed Sheet Music
Printed Texts