Folklivsarkivet med Skånes musiksamlingar, Lunds universitetet (The Folklife Archives with the Scania Music Collections, Lund University)



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Address: Box 117, 221 00 Lund, Sweden

Regional archive of folklife traditions including folk music and ethnomusicological material from Skåne and nearby cultural areas.

Folklivsarkivet med Skånes musiksamlingar is an archive that has been part of Lund's University since its inception in 1913 with a focus on tradition. Skåne's music collections were added to the Folklivsarkivet in 1991. The Folklivsarkivet conducts documentation and collection under its own auspices and in collaboration with researchers and students and makes its material available to broad groups of users. The collections consist of cultural-historical and ethnological documents that are sources of knowledge about everyday life in both the past and present.

Web Resources

Skånes musiksamlingar have a search database for audio and video recordings, musical notation, song texts, phonograms, and more. It also contains listenable digital audio files of vocal and instrumental music:

Skånes musiksamlingar also have resource pages with downloadable musical notations and song texts:

Skånes musiksamlingar have a special search database available for the Skromberga Wind Orchestra's donation of sheet music for wind orchestra:
In Folklivsarkivet's older manuscript collection (REAL) you can search for song texts and sheet music that can be downloaded (the material is collected together with other traditional recordings).


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