Gästriklands Spelmansförbund (GSF)



Email: michaelmuller53@gmail.com
Tel: +46 (0)72-2193956
Address: Oslättforsvägen 236, 80598 Gävle, Sweden

A regional organisation for folk music enthusiasts.

GSF's primary purpose is to promote and represent folk music in Gästrikland. At ARKIV GÄVLEBORG in Gävle (https://www.arkivgavleborg.se/) the archives of Gästriklands Spelmansförbund are stored and kept accessible, however, not digitally.

Web Resources

Digitally, all musical notation is available on the website of Folkmusikens Hus's project Webbfiol. There are also a few audio files from the region. On the association's website, there are about 200 tunes in PDF format that can be downloaded. The goal is to make more (maybe all) available. www.gastriklandsspelmansforbund.se
Svenskt Visarkiv has all the musical notation and all the traditional recordings from Gästrikland. They can provide information about how much can be accessed.


Instrumental Folk Music
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