Hälsinglands spelmansförbund



Email: staffan.jonsson@bilda.nu
Tel: +46 (0) 73-8387330
Address: Ljusdalsbygdens museum, Boställsgatan 5, 82732 Ljusdal, Sweden
Address: Studieförbundet Bilda, Stallet, Stenegård 8, 82754 Järvsö, Sweden


Regional branch of Sveriges Spelmäns Riksförbund (SSR) - (Sweden's Folk Musicians' National Association) with digitized and analogue original recordings of folk music as well as sheet music, articles, books, pictures and instruments from Hälsingland.

The folk music archive of Hälsinglands spelmansförbund consists, simply put, of two parts. The first part is the digital sound archive with about 6000 posted records, which is partly managed with the support of Studieförbundet Bilda Mitt. It is accessible by means of a computer available to visitors at Bilda Mitt's office at Stenegård in Järvsö – one can book a visit with the office. The second part of the archival materials of the association is housed at Ljusdalsbygdens museum and consists of a physical archive with tapes, cassettes, video cassettes, sheet music, instruments, pictures, books, newspaper clippings and more.

Web Resources

The digitized part of the Hälsinglands spelmansförbund's archive is searchable at www.webbfiol.se and it is possible to listen to some of the material – for which we have received permission to publish from performers or their heirs. The Spelmansförbundet's photograph archive is available at www.helsingebilder.se


Instrumental Folk Music
Materials for Specific Instruments
Vocal Folk Music
Folk Dance

Geographic Provenances

Southern Norrland