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The archive of Norrbottens Museum has digitised Norrbotten folk music from the collections of Svenskt Visarkiv. In addition, the archive includes texts and musical notation from researchers and musicians.

The archive and library of Norrbottens Museum, together with Norrbottens Föreningsarkiv (Norrbotten's Associations Archive), fall under the collective name Arkivcentrum (Archive Center). We have a research room that is normally open three days a week and we receive enquiries from researchers, the general public, associations, and more. The focus is on the region of Norrbotten, with an emphasis on history and cultural history, which naturally includes music. The museum initiated a folk music project in 2008 in which about 3,000 songs from Norrbotten, archived at Svenskt visarkiv, were digitised and are now available for listening at our facility. At that time, we compiled an inventory and made a review of archives and collections with a focus on folk music. There is also literature in the museum's reference library.

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Via the Visual Arkiv database, visitors can search catalogues but cannot listen to recorded music. The songs are currently available for listening at a specific search station adjacent to the research room. One can also order copies of the digital files for private use. An overall description can be found here:


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