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Address: Stiftelsen Jamtli, Jamtlis arkiv, Box 709, 831 28, Östersund, Sweden.

An archive with folk music material and interviews from the region of Jämtland/Härjedalen. A reference library includes books for song and folk music research.

The Jamtli Foundation (Jämtland's county museum) has the task of, among other things, caring for, preserving and making available material and intangible cultural heritage from the region of Jämtland/Härjedalen. The collections consist of textiles, art, cultural history, archeological finds, photographs, archives as well as a reference library.

Web Resources

Jamtli's database for their collections is available at: Kulturhotell, Europeana and Kringla. Work is ongoing to make the ethnographic material, musical notation and audio recordings from the archive available.


Instrumental Folk Music
Materials for Specific Instruments
Vocal Folk Music
Folk Dance

Geographic Provenances

Southern Norrland

Types of Archival Material

Audio Recordings