Västmanlands Spelmansförbund



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Tel: +46 (0)70-587 40 24
Address: Norra Floragatan 23 A, 724 61 Västerås, Sweden

Regional branch of Sveriges Spelmäns Riksförbund (SSR) - (Sweden's Folk Musicians' National Association) with collections of local folk music from Västmanland.

Västmanlands Spelmansförbund is an association with the mission of sparking interest in Swedish folk music, both instrumental and vocal. In particular, the association works toward the preservation of the cultural heritage of the folk music tradition in the county of Västmanland.
The association works to ensure that this folk art form is preserved and developed in its functional role as well as ensuring that instrumental and vocal traditional melodies and texts are documented through written sources and recordings. These documents are preserved in the association's archives and are available to members, researchers and other interested parties.

Web Resources

The association's website contains sheet music for twelve bridal marches published between March 2019 and March 2020. In addition, there is sheet music and recordings of newly composed songs.
A summary of the history surrounding folk music and musicians in Västmanland is also available.
There is also a list of sheet music booklets, LPs and CDs as well as a booklet with accompanying CD that presents singing and dancing games. All of these are available for purchase through the association's treasurer.

In 1988, Västmanlands Spelmansförbund published two binders about folk music in the county called "Gula pärmarna". These are now available on the website as pdf-files. The collection contains 1,500 tunes, 100 songs, 70 biographies of musicians and 60 photographs. In addition, there are stories about customs and practices as well as stories about old fiddling traditions in different places in Västmanland.


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