Hugo Alfvén (1872-1960)


Rudén no. 187

  • Year of composition: Tibble 15 September 1942
  • Work category: Mixed choir a cappella
  • Text author: Herman Sätherberg
  • Dedication: To Siljansbygdens körförbund
  • Duration: 4 min

Solo voices/choir

Mixed choir a cappella, S.A.T.B. (piano only for rehearsal)

Examples of printed editions

Gehrmans, CG 3463, Stockholm 1942. Gehrmans kör-bibliotek no. 170

  • Location autograph: Uppsala Universitetsbibliotek
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: UUB VMhs 184:1a

Description of work

Stilla F major 4/4

Work comment

One of Hugo Alfvén´s most frequently performed choral songs, composed in 1942, during his years as an emeritus. This time the composer deviated from his habit of writing the version for men´s choir first. The composition is dedicated to the Siljan Choir, who most likely premiered it. A romantic forest worship blossoms out here in soft sonorities.


Skogen står tyst, himlen är klar.
Hör huru tjusande vallhornet lullar.
Kvällssolns bloss sig stilla sänker
ner uti den lugna, klara våg.
Ibland dälder, gröna kullar
eko kring nejden far...

In Engish:
Tranquil the woods, skies crystal clear,
Faint the alluring shepherd horns beckon.
Sunset aglow, blushingly fading, settling
slowly, oh so gently, onto a peaceful rippling wave.
Through the valleys, verdant hillsides,
lingering echoes sound...

Translation: Annika Vallgren