Hugo Alfvén (1872-1960)

Och jungfrun hon går i ringen

Rudén no. 177

  • Year of composition: Dated TIbble 13 April 1941
  • Work category: Male choir a cappella
  • Text author: Swedish dance game
  • Arrangement/revision: Arranged for male choir by Hugo Alfvén in 1941
  • Duration: 2 min
  • Detailed duration: 1,5 minutes

Solo voices/choir


Examples of printed editions

Stockholm 1941, CG 3275. Gehrmans kvartett-bibliotek, 202
Sångarförbundet, vol 5, no. 259. Stockholm 1948, CG 3275

  • Location autograph: Uppsala Universitetsbibliotek
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: UUB VMhs 185:4a


Ternhag, Gunnar: Folkvisearrangemangen, in Hugo Alfvén - en vägvisare. Ternhag, Gunnar & Rudén, Jan Olof (eds), Hedemora 2003: Gidlunds, pp. 156-167.

Description of work

Vivace D maojr 3/4

Work comment

One of Alfvén´s most frequently sung choral works, written in 1941, at a time when the folk song arrangements flowed freely from the composer´s pen. It must have been an immediate success, as Alfvén soon transcribed the song for string orchestra. With his arrangement Alfvén builds up a little scene that is rounded off with some grand concluding bars, like an opera finale in miniature. There is also something humorous about the music, which surely contributed to its popularity.


Och jungfrun hon går i ringen med rödan gullband.
Det binder hon om sin kärastes arm.
Men kära min lilla jungfru, knyt inte så hårdt,
Jag ämnar ej att rymma bort.

Och jungfru hon går och lossar på rödan gullband.
Så hastigt den skälmen åt skogen då sprang.
Då sköto de efter honom med femton gevär.
Och vill ni mig något, så ha ni mig här.

In English:
The lass dances in a circle with ribbons of gold,
She ties them around the arm of her beau.
My sweet, precious little maiden don't bind it so tight.
I don't intend to scurry off.
Soft-hearted the little lassie does loosen the knot,
with haste the sly scoundrel head for the woods.
They hunted that roguish rascal with fifteen shotguns.
If you want to find me, catch me if you can!

Translation: Annika Vallgren