Hugo Alfvén (1872-1960)

Den förlorade sonen

  • Year of composition: 1957
  • Work category: Ballet / Dance music, one act
  • First performed: 27 April 1957, the Royal Opera, Stockholm, the Royal Court Orchestra, cond. by Herbert Sandberg
  • Duration: 40 min


4***.4*.4**4* / a-sax / / timp, 5 perc, 2 hp / str
(3 picc, cor angl, e-flat cl, bass cl, dbn)

Location for score and part material

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Ternhag, Gunnar: Den förlorade sonen, in Hugo Alfvén - en vägvisare. Ternhag, Gunnar & Rudén, Jan Olof (eds). Hedemora 2003: Gidlunds, pp. 137-139.

Description of work

Prelude: Långsamt F minor 4/4 [from Dalarapsodi]
• First tableau:
Moderato C major 2/4 [from Four songs from Leksand]
• Second tableau:
Locklåt: Free tempo C minor
Sonens gånglåt på den raka vägen: crotchet = 84 A minor 2/4
Polska F major [This section is later on crossed out]
Polska A minor
• Third tableau:
Presto G major 2/4 [= Vallflickans dans from Bergakungen] [This section is later on crossed out]
Interlude: Andante G minor 6/8 [Vallflickans dans, middle section]
Presto G major 2/4 [Vallflickans dans, continued]
Festival march: Allegro maestoso C major 4/4
Polketta: Tempo di polketta G major 3/4 [= Roslagspolketta]
Steklåt: Allegretto A major 3/4
Fanfar och Drottningens polska: Allegro moderato C major 4/4
Polka C major alla breve [= Roslagsvår]
Djävulspolska: Allegro violento G minor 3/4 [from Dalarapsodi]
• Fourth tableau:
Più mosso A minor alla breve [from Bergakungen]
• Fifth tableau:
Moderato C major 2/4 [from Four songs from Leksand]
Sonens hemkomst and Finale: Andante A minor 4/4 [from En bygdesaga], F-sharp minor [from Dalarapsodi], Moderato C major 2/4 [from Four songs from Leksand], Polska D major 3/4