Kurt Atterberg (1887-1974)

Dritte Suite
Suite for violin, viola and string orchestra

opus 19 no. 1


Prelude: Adagio
Pantomim: Moderato
Vision: Allegro Moderato

  • Year of composition: 1917, 1921 and 1922 are specified on the website of Swedish Music as year of composition. In the edition of 1946 is the date 'Oct. 1917' noted.
  • Work category: Solo for several string instruments and orchestra
  • Duration: 13 min

Examples of printed editions

Leuckart, Leipzig, n. d.
Self-published, Stockholm 1946
Eriks, Stockholm 1972

Description of work

Prelude: Adagio C-sharp minor 3/4
Pantomim: Moderato E minor 4/4
Vision: Allegro Moderato A minor 3/4

Work comment

The suite is a revised version of the incidental music to Maeterlinck's drama Sister Beatrice.