Kurt Atterberg (1887-1974)

Hassan, ur musiken till

  • Year of composition: Ca 1930-1940
  • Work category: Incidental music
  • Text author: James Elroy Flecker, trans. Prince Wilhelm
  • First performed: 1 January 1939
  • Duration: Approx. 5-10 min

Instrumentation / / timp, perc: sn dr, tam, tambourine, cymb / pno, str.

Solo voices/choir

Tenor solo
Choir: one-part mixed choir, one-part women's choir, two-part men's choir

Location for score and part material

Incomplete parts

  • Location autograph: Sveriges Radios Musikbibliotek
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: T 55, score missing

Description of work

1. Lament C minor 4/4 (C)
2. Lento B-flat major 4/4 (C), Moderato B major
3. Con moto A major 3/4
4. no tempo markings A-flat major alla breve, 3/4
5. no tempo markings 2/4 (perc)
6. Moderato B-flat major 4/4 (C)
7-8. not played on the radio
9. Moderato C major 4/4 (C)
10. Lagabre starts in F minor 4/4 (C), various tempo markings and time signatures
11. Tiggarens sång F minor alla breve, C major 3/4
12. Kör av tiggare och danserskor F minor 2/4 (unison choir)
13. Soldatsång D minor, D major 2/4 (unison choir)

Work comment

The play was performed already in 1925, but Atterberg likely composed the music first in the 1930s.


11. Tiggarens sång. "Alla med två ben, hitåt"
12. Kör av tiggare och danserskor. "Idag skall narren"
13. Soldatsång. "Vi ska leka med ödet tafatt"