Erik Gustaf Geijer (1783−1847)

Dubbelsonat för piano Ess-dur [Double sonata for piano in E-flat major]


[1.] Allegro con spirito
[2.] Andante [Attacca Presto]
[3.] Presto scherzando

  • Year of composition: 1819
  • Work category: Piano 4 hands
  • Dedication: Humbly dedictated to HRH The Crown Prince, autumn 1819 (according to the printed music). [The dedication refers to Crown Prince Josef Frans Oscar (Joseph François Oscar), later King Oscar I of Sweden]
  • Duration: Approx. 15-20 min
  • Detailed duration: ca 18' according to the Fermat LP edition

Examples of printed editions

Monumenta Musicae Svecicae: 19, Edition Reimers ER 107029 (2000); Ed.: Bertil Wikman

Description of work

[1.] Allegro con spirito E-flat major alla breve
[2.] Andante C major - A-flat major - C major 6/8 [Attacca Presto]
[3.] Presto scherzando E-flat major 3/8