Erik Gustaf Geijer (1783−1847)

Sångstycken med accompagnement för Piano-Forte (Hft 1) [Songs with accompaniment of the pianoforte (Book 1)]

  • Year of composition: c. 1829-1834 (see separate post for each song)
  • Work category: Voice and piano
  • Text author: Erik Gustaf Geijer
  • Duration: Approx. 15-20 min
  • Detailed duration: Uncertain ((see separate post for each song))

Solo voices/choir

(see separate post for each song)

Examples of printed editions

Stockholm by J.C. Hedbom. Lithograph by J. Meijer. (Ed. no. missing.)

Description of work

(see separate post for each song)

Work comment

The collection includes:
[1.] De små. Duo
[2.] Söderländskan i Norden
[3.] I en ung Flickas Album
[4.] Höst-Visa. Duo
[5.] Soldat Flickorna [sic]. Duo
[6.] Blomplockerskan
[7.] Bilden
[8.] Tonerna


See separate post for each song